- At least 2 years of experience and at least 1 year in mobile Game Dev;

- The ability to organize your work and do what needs to be done, without constant control and reminders;

- The presence of successful cases;

- The ability to take responsibility and defend your decisions;

- The ability to multitask;

- High communication skills.


Responsibilities and Requirements:

- Testing updates on Google Play / iOS;

- Performing thorough testing (not only the manual one) with quick and deep immersion into the project;

- Writing effective bug reports;

- Developing test documentation (test cases, checklists, test reports, etc.);

- Quality control of the upcoming updates. - Good communication skills;

- Mindfulness, inquisitiveness, ability to concentrate on tasks;

- Proactivity, independence, urge for constant learning;

- Passion for games, solid gaming experience.

Senior or Lead GD


-At least 3 years of experience working on a similar position as a Senior/Lead Game Designer on successful mobile projects;

-Experience with multiplayer games on Unity, deep knowledge and understanding of client-server architecture;

-Experience in calculating game balance in mobile games;

- Wide gaming experience, understanding the current trends and state of the market and its target audience;

- Good understanding of the player behavior and psychology;